Common Tree Pests That Attack During Fall Season

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Trees usually fall victim to a couple of predators. Some of them are small, and others are pretty big. Most of these tree pests attack during a drought when stress in trees opens them to a variety of problems. 

That is why it is vital to constantly monitor your trees and look for indications of damage and infestation from common pests.  

This blog post will discuss some of the most common tree pests to watch during the fall season. If you detect at least one of these pests, do not hesitate to hire a professional San Francisco tree care experts for help. 


During winter, rodents are pretty frustrating. They usually come after your trees when food is scarce. Most of the time, they attack saplings since they are tender and juicier.  

Rabbits, mice, and voles chew on the bark near the tree’s base. They aim to get to the delicious and soft cambium layer under the bark.  

If these rodents gnaw systematically all around the tree at the same level, your tree will experience girdling. This problem can drastically compromise your tree’s health since it damages the circulatory system. On severe occasions, your tree can die.  

Bark Beetles 

After summer, most trees experience drought stress. Unfortunately, this issue opens them up to a couple of pests. Unhealthy trees easily fall victim to all types of infestation since the stress compromises their natural defenses.  

One of the pests that attack unhealthy trees is bark beetles. They’re incredibly prolific that a couple of cities in the United States declared a state of emergency due to the increased risk of wildfires caused by a massive number of trees dying.  

According to reports, bark beetles have grown so much that they are already attacking even healthy trees. 


As a homeowner, you probably don’t want termites inside your house. If you don’t detect them early on, they can cause a lot of damage to your property. Unfortunately, your trees share identical risks as your home. 

Also, you should note that termites in your trees might also spread in your house if left undetected.  

Because of this, it is essential to spot termite damage on your trees as early as possible. Doing so will help you preserve the health of your tree. It also lowers the risk of a termite infestation spreading inside your house.  


Woodpeckers might appear cute. Unfortunately, they can cause a lot of damage to your tree. Woodpeckers usually attack the bark of the tree. Once the damage is done, your tree will be more prone to diseases and other pest infestations.  

Once you notice a woodpecker flying around your property, it is time to check your tree for damages.  

Typically, woodpeckers choose a favorite tree. After picking the tree they want, they peck at it to find insects. They’ll also peck trees to build nests and store food.  

If you don’t want your tree to fall victim to woodpeckers, it is best to take action immediately once you notice damages.  

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